How to get lots likes and followers in Instagram with SocTop?



Almost everyone who has Instagram account wants to become popular in this social network. When you are new to Instagram, you cannot expect a huge influx of likes and followers. During the initial stages posting photos could turn out to be really depressing as you might get only a handful of likes. That depression is understandable, especially if you take a lot of trouble to capture a good photograph only to be liked by several people. But remember, it is easier to get discouraged on social media. You need to practise patience to reap the real benefits of social media marketing. Do not expect things to expedite initially. You cannot build up a huge base of Instagram followers overnight.
BUT! It was before we created SocTop.net.
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SocTop.net is the ideal platform to reach for if you need a lot of likes and followers to your Instagram. It offers free service for promotion in social media. If you subscribe with SocTop.net, it will be your instant visa to popularity on Instagram.


You will quite easily stand out among your friends. You will look glamorous with a huge number of likes to your Instagram posts. At SocTop.net. we make sure that your posts will get reposted with an increasing number of followers. The more you have reposts and followers, the more you will impress the visitors to your Instagram profile. The visitors – whether they are your friends or completely strangers – will take note of your Instagram profile. People anyway take note of the profiles with large number of likes and comments. And they tend to subscribe to them.
When you get in touch with SocTop.net, we offer you free Instagram followers and Instagram likes. You can get free Instagram likes and even buy Instagram followers. And remember to use hashtags, which is a well trick of the trade that helps you boost the followers.


register at soctop.netStep 1. Register.
First of all, you need to register at our service. After that you already got some coins (local currency that used to add tasks for promotion). You can earn coins or buy it. It’s very simple, the platform’s interface is quite user-friendly. After register, you should confirm your email.

creating the task at soctopStep 2. Create the task.
Whether you want to gain more followers to your account or get some (thousands ;) ) likes to your favorite foto/video, all you need is just copy and paste the link of your account or foto (video) to special field. Our service will automatically recognize it and offer you some variants of promotion.

Choose promotion options while making task at soctop platformStep 3. Choose promotion options.

In case if you’re boosting followers to your account, at this step you should select number of followers and activity level, along with not to forget to pick number of posts and activity per one post.
In case if you want to gain more likes to your foto or video, you shoud select number of likes you want to get.

If you made these 3 easy steps right, you will see the message ‘Task has been succesfully added and running’. You’re already on the way to your fame!


Do not forget to like others’ pictures as well. It could be people who have not liked your pictures. But when you like them, you might automatically be building up another like or a follower. The reason is simple. When a stranger likes your photo, you tend to go through their Instagram pictures to get an idea. Then if you feel like, you will begin following them. This strategy works.
If you have Instagram, you should kind of promote it on other social media sites as well. For instance, you can update your Facebook status about your latest Instagram. That will attract likes from your Facebook friend-base. You can even tell them what they can expect from following you. For instance, if you have a certain expertise in your photography like landscape and portraits, you can spell it out on your Facebook wall.

And remember, as we at SocTop usually says:
You can never have too much likes and followers.
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